GP with Special Interest (GPwSI)

A GPwSI is a General Practitioner with additional training and experience in a specific clinical area who takes referrals for the assessment/ treatment of patients that may otherwise have been referred directly to a secondary care consultant, or who provides an enhanced service for particular conditions or patient groups. In the case of HCUK, the GPwSI has had further training in headache diagnosis and management.They are required to maintain and update their skills in headache management.

They are able to assess, diagnose and treat with medication and refer for other services. Those GPwSI who work with HCUK will be able to arrange MRI (if required) on a private basis through HCUK and to help with your private medical insurance referral.

If they decide you would benefit from physical therapy they will arrange for you to see a HCUK chiropractor.

For more information on GPwSI in headaches please go to: