Headache Testimonials

“The daily migraines were really hampering my work and leisure time, making it very difficult to concentrate. Serious instances meant all I could do was try and sleep in a dark room. I missed work on several occasions and family events. Since starting treatment at Headache Clinics UK the migraines have virtually all stopped. The constant underlying pain has gone which has vastly improved my quality of life.”

Mr J (August 2008)

“I am very happy with Headache Clinics UK where I attend to resolve a consistent headache experienced for many months. From the initial contact and through all the treatments an in depth knowledge of my problem and treatment options were given, many times with the aid of diagrams or models to illustrate my problem. Within two or three treatments, the pain that I was experiencing reduced significantly and with the exercises that were given to me to perform at home stayed at a minimum without me having to resort to prescribed medication.”

Mr C (July 2009)

I have suffered from migraine (suffering nausea) and bad headaches for over 15 years. I was constantly on painkillers (taking every day). Since the first treatment I noticed an improvement in my condition. I would recommend Headache Clinics UK for migraine treatments as I must admit I was sceptical at first thinking the only way I would be ‘cured’ was through more tablets

Mrs W (July 2009)

I had been suffering from daily headaches for over two years when my neurologist referred me to HCUK.  Medication and physiotherapy had been unsuccessful in reducing the frequency of my headaches and I was surprised to be referred to a chiropractor – I thought of them as treating bad backs!  At our first meeting my Chiropractor explained how the muscles, nerves and pressure points worked and how he would be able to help me.  I had a total of 6 treatments, initially intensively and then less so, whilst my progress was monitored.  At the end of the course of treatment my headaches are down to maybe 2 a month, a fantastic result – I thoroughly recommend HCUK to you.

Mrs M (Dec 2009)

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