Headache Team

A Headache Team is essential for the successful treatment of headache and migraine sufferers. Recent studies and the MIPCA guidelines for Migraine specifically highlight this need, which is one of the reasons Headache Clinics UK is structured on a team basis.

The Headache Clinics UK core team includes:

For many people, accessing help quickly and locally is important. Our nationwide team approach utilises the diagnostic and treatment skills of each team member, in a location near you, so that you benefit from rapid assessment and treatment.

Headache Clinics UK provide the opportunity to not only be investigated but treated with hands on treatments rather than just medication. In addition to our core team we will use other selected health professionals if warranted, including counsellors.

Our concept is unique, and contributes to our high level of patient satisfaction and patient improvement.

Headache Clinics UK teams have been involved with the successful treatment of patients suffering from almost every type of headache.

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