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In recent years, the advance of medical research on the subject of headaches and migraine has created a greater understanding of the mechanisms, headache symptoms, treatment options and investigations. These advances have created the opportunity of relief for headache and migraine sufferers from specialised Headache Clinics such as Headache Clinics UK.

Headache Clinics UK are dedicated to investigating and resolving the devastating effects of migraine and headache. Our clinical teams comprise neurologists and registered chiropractors with access to the latest MRI scanning units. A wealth of experience has resulted in modern well equipment headache clinics able to provide all aspects of headache and migraine investigation and treatment.

Headache Clinics UK always strive to find the exact cause of your headache and migraine symptoms.

Headaches symptoms affect approximately 12% of the population. Not all headaches are of the same intensity – they can range from mild twinges or pressure to being so severe the person is unable to function. Headaches are frequently an indication that something else is wrong so they should not be ignored. Headache causes can be numerous with varying severity and prognostic features.

Appropriate consultation with an expert is mandatory to determining a correct diagnosis and suitable management.

You can be assured at Headache Clinics UK to receive an accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment (medication and/or physical therapies) as well as advice and support from our clinicians.

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